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A brief history of Tronics.

In 1993 I began Tronics as a way to sell my services as a Macintosh VAR. For two years I installed systems that were used for graphical design, layout, prepress and even music creation. In February of 1996, after some convincing from two of my friends, I had a Frame Relay line installed. This began the Tronics internet business. To learn and understand what the internet had to offer, I progressed through website development, dial-up modem banks, server co-location, and virtual site hosting.

I gained invaluable experience in digital circuit installation, Unix administration, online security, server administration and many other aspects of this business. In the beginning of 1999, after some changes to my business model, I began programming in what is now known as Witango. This opened up a new set of opportunities for me as I could now offer services that spanned from hosting, to programming, to ecommerce and database applications. I was also, at this time, thrust into the world of SQL database administration.

By 2001, I had a substantial investment in my hosting and programming business. I offered services ranging from ecommerce site consultancy and construction, to various database driven projects, to hosting Witango and HTML based websites.

Since then my business has only grown. I've added more powerful services, and maintained a strict focus on the Witango hosting market. I now offer web services to over 70 clients and more than 500 domains. I also provide expert levels of Witango and SQL consultation.

I look forward to helping you bring your business to the internet.

Robert Shubert

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